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Turning Self Doubt into Sales – 28 day online programme

Do you want to win more clients, grow your business and income but you really don’t like sales?  Are you passionate about what you do but the idea of telling potential clients about why they should work with you, makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable?  Are you spending loads of time on social media platforms, posting, engaging but not getting any leads?  Have you tried everything and nothing is working?  Sales is the foundation of any business.  If you’re not selling and winning new clients, you don’t have a business.  But, majority of people have a misunderstanding about sales and what it really is.  Let me change your perspective of sales, teach you to sell in a way that feels natural and comfortable to you, so you can confidently and consistently begin to change your results.  Yes, it’s possible!

You’ll learn:

  • A fresh, new perspective on sales that will be helpful for you, rather than harmful.
  • To detect fear and self doubt – in it’s many illusive forms and excuses – so you can move through it into consistent action
  • The psycology of sales – how your thoughts create your results and how understanding that impacts your energy and every conversation you have
  • The most powerful currency on the planet and how to use it to become magnetic at selling
  • A simple six step sales process that will have you generating more leads and maximising your conversions to build lasting relationships and grow your business and impact.

Limited places, £497.00  Message to register your interest and get next course start dates.

Individual Coaching

A Sales and Mindset Coach fast tracks you from where you are now to where you’d like to be by uncovering what’s getting in the way of achieving the results you desire and then supports you in moving through these barriers.


  • How to discard unhelpful thinking patterns that are generating unhelpful results
  • Where your sales fear comes from and how to detach yourself from it
  • How to access your innate clarity, so you have the answer you need, when you need it
  • Quicker ‘bounce-back-ability’ from stress situations and setbacks
  • The #1 thing you MUST do to cultivate long-term, trusted advisor relationships
  • A sales process that can be comfortably and consistently implemented into your business to rapidly improve your results

3, 6 and 12 month packages available from £2497

Group Facilitation

Having a team that is pulling in the same direction, aligned and connected, is a powerful, unstoppable resource.  Understanding how the mind works, reveals how to have less on their mind, so they can move efficiently through tasks with clarity and focus.   

This workshop is not about giving your group or team a toolbox of tips and techniques – which they learn and forget in a few weeks/months, it is showing them the nature of what gets in the way of operating in a high performance, motivated, creative and effortless mindset.  This leads to transformative and sustainable results.

  • Create aligned, powerful goals and a team working together, confidently to achieve them
  • Uncover the secret to listening and communicating more effectively that naturally leads to stronger, more connected relationships
  • Reveal the true source of stress, overthinking and worry within the work environment
  • Develop an engaged, productive team with a balanced work/home lifestyle
  • Find solutions for previously unresolved challenges

Workshops designed according to time available and group requirements.

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