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Fast Track to High Performance

Fast track your results and create lasting transformation and profound impact with this two day programme which equips you with the fundamental understanding of how your mind works.  This will help you uncover what is getting in the way of accessing your pure, full and unlimited potential and achieving the outcomes you and your business desires.

  • Uncover the true source of clarity, resilience and high performance
  • Understand why motivation and high performance aren’t directly linked and why that’s a good thing
  • Find out how you can still perform at your best, when in a pressured situation

With a solid grounding in how your mental operating system works, you’ll emerge from this training with a renewed business approach and a mental alertness that will transform your business outlook and performance.

Available as a stand alone training, or combined with follow up Individual Coaching packages.


Get Paid to Do What You Love

This programme helps you uncover your career purpose and shows you what’s stopping you from achieving this.  Giving you the confidence and courage to go out and get it!

  • What is your ‘stuck’?  When you think about your career, what do you want?
  • Mental interference: what is stopping/blocking you from taking consistent action to get what you want.
  • Fact vs Idea – what is truth when you think about yourself and what is made up?
  • Exposing the myth of confidence.  How to be ready, no matter what
  • Beyond identity: who you really are and your innate potential for creating the impossible

Own your Value – take your results to the next level

This programme is designed to help individuals uncover their personal impact and potential to create profound change, personal transformation and take their business and results to the next level…and beyond.

  • What gets in the way of us owning our value?
  • What’s the benefit or payoff to us for not owning our value?
  • What’s the impact on self, work and home?
  • Creating awareness of our stories, patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs
  • Stepping into our personal power to create exponential results

Individual Coaching

An Insight and Thought Coach helps you have a 360’ perspective of where you are versus where you’d like to be and shines a light on what’s getting in the way of achieving the results you desire.

  • Discard unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Make decisions with clarity, focus and certainty
  • Tap into your inner source of confidence, creativity and high performance
  • Uncover your innate skills that deliver powerful, authentic performance

3, 6 and 12 month packages available.


Group Facilitation

Having a team that is pulling in the same direction, aligned and connected, is a powerful, unstoppable resource.  Understanding how the mind works, reveals how to have less on their mind, so they can move efficiently through tasks with clarity and focus.   

This workshop is not about giving your group or team a toolbox of tips and techniques – which they learn and forget in a few weeks/months, it is showing them the nature of what gets in the way of operating in a high performance, motivated, creative and effortless mindset.  This leads to transformative and sustainable results.

  • Create aligned, powerful goals and a team working together, confidently to achieve them
  • Uncover the secret to listening and communicating more effectively that naturally leads to stronger, more connected relationships
  • Reveal the true source of stress, overthinking and worry within the work environment
  • Develop an engaged, productive team with a balanced work/home lifestyle
  • Find solutions for previously unresolved challenges

Workshops designed according to time available and group requirements.

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