The major thing that’s keeping you from what you want, is the personal stories you’re telling yourself.

The stories you tell yourself - about what you think you can and can’t do - determine your behaviour, actions and results. 95% of these stories are invisible AND what’s more alarming, they’re the same thoughts you repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly...year in/year out.

If you want to change your results, you have to first look at what your stories are.

In this powerful download, you’ll learn the ROAR model, to help you uncover your limiting beliefs and start drawing to you the results you want!


10 years ago, I hit a ‘low’ in my life. I’d ticked off a life goal of living in Spain but through a series of events, I lost all my money and was left with options of either going back home to NZ to live with my parents or back to London to live with my brother. I felt like a total loser.

I took the London option, moved in with my brother and his family and started about getting back on my feet financially. 

I’ve had a fascination with human behaviour and psychology ever since Dad put Dale Carnegie’s book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ – into my curious little hands at the age of 13 – and so I was very aware that whatever I focus on, with emotional intention and consistency, becomes my reality.  So I knew, deep-down (somewhere), that despite how I felt, I’d be ok, no matter what.

I read two books that year that would change the course of my life. One taught me about the power we have in being present and the other about unlocking the limitless potential within us by understanding how our mind works.

I needed a job. I had 10 years sales and management experience in the media and advertising industry and I knew what I wanted and what I was worth. But every recruitment agent I met, didn’t agree. I refused to believe what they told me I was worth and within 2.5 months had the job and the salary I’d intended. I stayed with that company for five years, got promoted twice, achieved a 6 figure salary and bought two Central London flats.

I proved to myself what I’d learned, worked.

With a keen curiousity in learning more about accessing our limitless potential and what was available to us, I spent two years studying psychology and mindset, understanding the role of energy, thought and our state of mind and it’s impact on our results – both positively and negatively.

Seeing how this could dramatically change the results, dynamic and direction of any business, I set up my own business showing others behind the scenes of their mind, so they can access the innate clarity, confidence, resilience and potential that is available to us all and to become Creators of their business results and life by design. 

I now work mainly with female business owners and leaders who are passionate about their product/service but despite trying everything, they’re not winning new clients. I show them the ‘four pillars of sales success’ and support them in seeing a fresh, new perspective of sales that changes their relationship with it. Through this process they discover their own natural, comfortable sales style, create a clear sales strategy and a consistent process so they can start winning an abundance of new clients, make the impact they know they’re capable of and grow their business and income more boldly and brilliantly.

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