Fear and self doubt is one of the greatest threats to our pure potential

But you are far more capable than you think, because you are far more than you think

Learn what self doubt is and the three steps that will start you on the journey to overcoming it


10 years ago, I was at a low point in my life. I’d ticked off a life goal of living in Spain but through a series of unfortunate events, I’d lost all my money and had options of either going back home to NZ to live with my parents or back to London to live with my brother. I felt like a total loser.

I took the London option, moved in with my bro and his family and started about getting back on my feet financially.  I read two books that would change the course of my life. One taught me about the power we have in being present and the other about unlocking the limitless potential within us by understanding how our mind works.

I needed a job. I had 10 years sales and management experience in the advertising industry and I knew what I wanted and what I was worth but every recruitment agent I met didn’t agree. I refused to believe them and within 2.5 months had the job and the salary I’d intended. I stayed with that company for five years, got promoted twice, achieved a 6 figure salary and bought my own Central London flat.

10 years on, my world is completely different in all areas. I’ve studied psychology, travelled and set up my own thriving business sharing with others how their thought processes and constructs work so they too can transform their lives.  I now work mainly with female business leaders, helping them overcome Self Doubt – a debilitating thought process – and I help them uncover a natural, comfortable sales style and process and support them in building their business more boldly and brilliantly.

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