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Claire profile picFor business, teams and individuals that are looking for sustainable results in the areas of leadership, sales excellence, innovation, change, resilience and overall increased performance.

SwellCoach utilises a revolutionary coaching model which focuses on sharing how our mental operating system works – the key to unlocking the full human potential.

We do this by utilising cutting-edge thought psychology, going beyond the hard skills we traditionally look to developing when upskilling, straight to the core of all our resistance, to show clients what they are capable of when mental interference is removed.

Developing tips and techniques, without addressing how our mental operating system works, is like customizing a Skoda.  It may look good but it’s not going to go any faster.

We know we perform at our best when we’re in a state of mental clarity, or ‘in the zone’.  Busy minds can lead to procrastination, inefficiencies, poor decision making, overwhelm, stress and anxiety.  Working with SwellCoach will enable individuals to have less on their minds. This makes way for insights revealing clarity, creativity, new ideas and an overall sense of certainty and wellbeing.  The catalyst for taking action and creating the results you’re after.

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