“Claire is passionate about helping her clients make real, lasting and positive change. She created an engaging and transformational course designed to help us move forward with our various personal goals. Before the course, we were asked to think about what we were wanting to change or develop and how we were going to tackle this. I soon realised, my approach was actually holding me back from traversing real and meaningful change. 

Claire introduced the ‘Inside-Out’ and ‘3 Principles Perspective’ which has inspired insight, positivity and wellbeing. Her guidance has been invaluable and helped me see the very things that inhibit us – our very own thoughts and our reliance or belief in thoughts that do not help us.

The programme has challenged my perception of where a problem lies when I am dealing with a difficult situation and question ‘where my experience is coming from’. It’s also made me actively reflect on something I knew to be true – that beneath that menagerie of thought we all possess great wisdom. This new knowledge has been a great ‘takeway’ from the programme. At the end of every session, I came away feeling fully engaged, inspired and brimming with positive energy.

Claire is an incredibly perceptive, thoughtful and engaging mentor. She was hugely invested in helping us all and went beyond anything I was expecting.  She made me realise so much more is possible and it delivered something a truly exceptional.”

– Yvette Hustler

“When I started the course with SwellCoach, ‘Transversing Change’, I had no idea what to expect and what I was getting myself into! I wasn’t sure that my life fit the criteria for something like this. However I was pleasantly surprised by their friendly approach and personal way they ran the course, using our everyday struggles as examples to explain the change in thinking.

I found the sessions so good that I would leave feeling amazing and with a fresh perspective even on an awful week. I still find myself thinking about the principles I learned with SwellCoach now – months after the course ended. 

I cannot recommend the team at SwellCoach enough and the principles they are trying to teach. Whether its change, career, business efficiencies or performance you are focussing on, I think SwellCoach has a unique approach to tackling all.”

Kelly Orr

“I recently had several sessions with Claire which focused on the anxiety and insomnia I was experiencing over the past year. Working with Claire, I was able to explore a new way of thinking about my problems – or what I perceived to be my problems!

Claire really helped. She was able to demonstrate how my individual circumstances and how the way I had been thinking previously was at the least, not helpful and at times was probably actually exacerbating the issues.

I found working with Claire enormously helpful – she is easy to talk to and has a naturally warm and understanding persona that helps build an easy rapport. I would recommend her to anyone who wanted to find a new way of thinking and seeing things in their life.”

– Rebecca

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