Unveil your Inner Sales Goddess

Do you feel like some days you’re rocking your business and then other days, you feel like you can’t rock your own chair?

Are you passionate about your vision and committed to serving your clients and making a huge impact in their world…but struggle to find clients?

When you finally get leads, do you face the same objections of: I can’t afford it right now, I don’t have the time right now or I’ll think about it?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working and some days you just feel exhausted and consider packing it all in?

A few years back I could have said ‘yes’ to all of the above. Despite my 20+ years of being in sales, I found ‘selling myself’ was a whole new ballgame that bought up a lot of self doubt, insecurity and fearful thinking which held me back.

After studying psychology, which led me to then explore the energetics of selling and the psychology of selling, I realised that the missing link between sales and consistent sales success was understanding and applying the four pillars of sales – Energetics, Psychology, Strategy and Process.

Your energy introduces you before you even say hello and if your vibe is ‘off’, it’s going to damage your ability to connect and share with your prospect. And what is one of the major influencers of energy? Our psychology – your thoughts create your results. So there’s your foundation. If you don’t have a sales strategy and a process to carry it out, then your business growth will be compromised. And by the way, ‘wing and a prayer’ and ‘being the best kept secret in the business’ are still strategies…they’re just not very effective!

I know that every business woman with a passion and a purpose, has within them a Sales Goddess.  I help you uncover it, so you can shine fully in your own unique light to attract more clients and create the business, impact and income that your divinely deserve.

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