Turning Self-Doubt Into Sales

Have you noticed how you shrink away when you hear the word “sales”? That’s because you have developed negative connotations with it.

You want to grow your business and influence outcomes, but nagging self-doubt and insecurities keep rearing their heads.

Perhaps selling is just not your forte or better left to someone else. Sales just isn’t for you.

Sound familiar?

Selling is simply solving your customers’ issues. Something you already naturally do. Whether you are writing your website, building your brand, or onboarding clients, you can channel your natural skills and confidence to flourish.

Successful salespeople meet demanding revenue goals year in, year out. They listen, they nurture – they radiate confidence. Their relationship towards selling and themselves is harmonious and the revenue results show it.

The 28-day programme – Turning Self-Doubt Into Sales – will arm you with all the necessary steps, tools and sales expertise. But additionally, we’re going to delve behind the scenes and find out exactly what’s stopping you from achieving your goals.

Get ready to crush comfort zones, overthrow self-doubt and rewire your relationship with sales and yourself.

Claire Sewell – Sales and Mindset Coach

I enjoyed over twenty years in the corporate world of business development. Eight of those years were spent leading and coaching sales teams to meet demanding revenue targets. I noted one common barrier over and over again: the mindset.

Shift the mindset – shift the results!

With a lifelong interest in human potential, psychology and how the mind shapes results; I’ve spent the last five years working with clients to overthrow self-doubt and help them uncover what’s preventing courageous action towards the results they desire. From understanding the nature of thought and its impact on performance through to unlocking potential – this course finally puts your sales fears to bed and removes the limitations you place upon yourself.

You Will Learn

  • How to use the most powerful currency on the planet to attract your perfect clients
  • A strategic 6-step sales process that you can comfortably and confidently apply to generate more leads, win more clients and grow your business – all in your own style
  • How to build consistent, predictable, sales activity
  • How to overcome self-doubt so it no longer paralyses you
  • That self-doubt is normal – but it doesn’t have to stop you!

Your Course Includes

  • Exclusive content, videos, mentoring, daily tasks and support
  • A comprehensive 28-day online programme that you can access anywhere and in your own time
  • A private Facebook group where you can meet, share, support and connect with other like-minded business owners and professionals
  • Monday – Thursday ‘Lives’ (all available online whilst the programme is active)
  • Regular tasks to train, challenge and rewire your mindset and start creating results in your business immediately!
  • 4 x weekly group coaching calls to answer your questions about any of the videos
  • Your content will remain accessible for a further seven days after the programme concludes

A full month of expert sales training for just £497!

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