Purpose of 1:1 Coaching:

To continue to move forward as a business owner – in: confidence, creativity, generating clients, client impact and revenue into your business.   This is all done by exponential growth through consistent sales activity – the simple process of connection and engagement…or starting conversations!

You know what to do but what stops you is…

  • Mind gremlins…the thought of what people will say when you contact them, not being able to ‘do it right’ or say the ‘right’ thing and the ‘what if’ questions that go around in your head;
  • Your self doubt, which also clouds your judgement and ability to take action and you start to listen to your stories that you can’t do this;
  • Your overwhelm…you underestimated how uncomfortable you would feel in talking about your business and what you can offer
  • Your frustration…you really want this to work but just can’t seem to get clients consistently 

Benefits of a coach

  • Accountability – someone to ‘lovingly’ nudge you to take consistent action and keep you on track toward your vision
  • Continued support with your sales mindset and overcoming self doubt through action.  Helping you overcome personal obstacles and someone to believe in you, when you don’t
  • Continued support with your business strategy and processes – will help you expand your thinking.
  • Support with problem solving

What you’ll get within a coaching programme:

  • Free Strategy Call:  Setting out the desired outcomes from working together and the milestones along the way to know how we’re tracking.
  • Weekly accountability call.  (No time limit on this call but generally lasts between  1-1.5hrs)
  • What’sapp/FB Messenger support if needed outside of weekly call

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You can do this on your own – you absolutely have everything it takes within you right now to achieve your business vision.  The support of a coach can reduce the time it takes by guiding you through your limiting beliefs, self doubt and elusive procrastination tactics.  Working with a coach can uncover mental ‘stuff’, (as well as practical and tactical), a lot quicker and help you get fresh thinking that will move you forward. 

Get in touch today and to discuss whether this is right for you

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