The quality of your questions dictate the quality of your experience…

On a run yesterday the tide was in, so I couldn’t do my usual route along the beach path.

So, rather than giving up and turning around, I ducked and dived and weaved through various street to beach pathways, trying to find a way through.

Yes, I could have looked at the waves crashing over the path and told myself there’s no way through, it’s not worth it, don’t do it…but where’s the fun in that!

And it paid off. I got through to enjoy a stunning view on the ‘other side’, as well as a great adventure run.

Whatever you focus your energy and attention on, is your reality.

So if you tell yourself you can’t sell, you’re not good at it, you’re not cut out for it, it makes you uncomfortable. That’s what you’re going to continue to experience.

So…ask a different question. One that will allow your brain to come up with a helpful solution.

💎 How can I connect with others more naturally and comfortably?

💎 How can I feel more empowered about selling?

💎 Where have I been successful in selling before (sell in an idea, sell yourself in an interview…or to get a date?!)

💎 What do I love about selling?

💎 What does selling give me that lights me up?

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way…(or a relative, as Ricky Gervais would say 😂)

People need what you have to offer. Find a way to share it with them 🔥

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