Practice until you get it right, then practice until you can’t get it wrong…

I read that the other day and it really hit me.

See, most people practice a few times – DON’T get it right….and give up. They give up when it feels uncomfortable and they think they can’t do it, so they choose to believe those thoughts.

When I first started driving, I was rubbish AND I was very nervous with it. I used to bunny-hop along, stall, rev the engine like I was going for liftoff, overthink about all I had to do, which would inevitably lead to overwhelm. But after practicing over and over and over, driving because an unconscious process for me.

Practice until you get it right – and then, practice until you can’t get it wrong – could be one of the most powerful ideas you could ever adopt as a business owner. Because you never get it right the first time. And you’re always learning. Equally, the more you practice, the less thinking you have on it and therefore, the less emotional ‘states’ you find yourself in, (self doubt, worry, insecurity).

Sales is the foundation of any business and you want to be practicing starting conversations every day until you get it right and you can’t get it wrong. Imagine what that would do for creating your community, for your sales pipeline, your conversion rates, your client base and the impact and value you deliver for your clients?

Practice makes progress and progress makes mastery.

What’s something you’ve mastered through practice?

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