Are you a Goal Setter?

I got chatting with a woman on the ferry recently and she asked me what I did.

I said that a lot of my work was helping people overcome their own fear, doubt and internal barriers, so they could be, do and have the life they desired.

She sighed and said quietly “I want that”. She went on to say that she’d worked in the bank for 30 years. She’d just fallen into her career and while she doesn’t enjoy it, it’s allowing her to support her family.

She said it feels like I’ve woken up and I have a 30 year career, a husband and three kids.

In 40 minutes I helped her uncover a heart aligned goal and start understanding the mechanics of goal setting – which she’d never been exposed too.

Knowing what you want, is the first step in being able to create your desired results. Start with the end in mind. That’s your ‘what’.

Then write down 10 reasons ‘why’ you want that. That’s your motivation when the going gets tough.

Then, to turbo boost bringing it about, imagine what overriding feeling you’ll experience, once you’ve achieved that goal and then find a way to get into that feeling state as often as possible, each day.

Then keep taking action. In spite of what your thoughts may tell you.

Know the way. Go the way. Get out of the way.

Are you a goal setter?

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